27 Nov 2010

How to get started Pike Fishing

A lot of people get fooled into thinking that pike fishing is like carp fishing, only you change the trace to wire. Not so. Generally speaking, if you are going out to catch pike, then you need gear that is made for the job. These days, most carp and pike rods are too stiff, great for casting, but not so brilliant for playing fish. Despite what you read, most pike anglers catch a lot of fish in the 5 - 14lb bracket, so you can easily outgun them.

Most pike are caught within 20 yards of the bank, be it river or lake, of course, the big lakes, lochs and loughs are a different matter, but for the moment let’s just stick to bank fishing our local waters. You’ll need an 11ft or 12ft rod that has a test curve of between 2lb and 2½ lbs. I would say 2¼lb is ideal for most situations with a through to progressive action.

Next you need a reel loaded with some line, either 12-15lb monofilament or 30lb braid, go for a 3000 or 3500 sized reel with a decent drag, you may want a free-spool ‘runner’ type system although I have never used one. Don’t get caught up in thinking you need huge reels loaded with miles of line, that is for very specialised pike fishing that we may come onto in the ‘advanced’ series.

A reasonable rod pod that takes two rods is always usefull, along with some drop arm indicators. I have never used an electronic bite indicator, and don’t own one. I find they are a good excuse to not concentrating on your fishing, but if you feel the need, there are some good ones now available for reasonable amounts of money. Make sure the bobbins are big enough to be seen and heavy enough to create enough tension for good bite indication.

The business end of your pike equipment should always terminate in a wire trace of minimum 20lb breaking strain. You can make up your own, which I find very relaxing or you can buy ready made ones that are all excellent quality. Look for sized 6 or 8 trebles on your rig. These should deal with most deadbait and livebait situations. Use baits in the 6 - 9 inches size, they are perfectly adequate until you have gained experience and may want to move to more exotic and differing offerings. Good deadbaits include seabaits such as mackerel (small ones or cut in half), herrings and sardines, for freshwater look for roach, eel sections and small trout.

Once you get a run, make sure the fish is peeling off line, then wind up to the fish and strike hard, keeping the pressure on. Pike can alternate from heavy and steady pressure to savage runs where they accelerate at an alarming rate. Make sure you have your reel clutch set for this, and remember that they can often take off when they near the net, so be ready for that. Speaking of nets, a minimum of 36 inch arms for a triangular net is a must or use a round net with a minimum diameter of 24 inches.

Once you have your fish in the net, get them to your unhooking mat or long grass and unhook them using long nosed pliers or artery forceps, and you’ll probably want an unhooking glove for this. It is always wise to go with an experienced pike angler to learn how to handle them, look to join your local Pike Anglers’ Club region, there are anglers who are always willing to help you. Other than that look up
www.pacgb.co.uk and you’ll find plenty of assistance of where to go, and who to contact.

About the author
Chris Leibbrandt has been an angler most of his life, at least 45 years anyway! Known primarily as a predator angler, he is a pretty consistent all-rounder fishing for anything, although river fly fishing and lure fishing are probably his biggest passions. Working in the tackle trade for twenty odd years, he has also run the Pike Anglers’ Club (PAC) and the Lure Anglers’ Society (LAS), being an Honorary life member of both. Chris is currently President of the LAS, and editor of their magazine, Chris is a published writer, designer, raconteur and wit.

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26 Nov 2010

Learn how to fly cast with Hywel Morgan "The Complete Cast"

How to fly cast, fly casting tuition video, fly casting lessons, fly casting instruction

“The Complete Cast” is probably the best casting tuition video to date. Hywel has certainly raised the bar as this is by far the best fly casting instruction video we have seen with loads of top training tips and instructions. Hywel starts with the basics and works through to more advanced casting techniques covering the overhead cast, single and double haul right through to the snake roll and more. You then learn how to put your new casting skills in to practice to go out and catch more fish.

If you are looking to get started, improve your casting or just add that few extra yards to your cast that have up till now been elusive this video should be at the top of your shopping list.

Buy it Now...

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20 Nov 2010

How to extend a Telescopic Fishing Rod properly

Des Taylor demonstrates how to properly extend and collapse a Telescopic Fishing Rod, without damaging the fishing rod sections. This is an all too common issue expecially when fishermen are in a rush to quickly extend a Telescopic Fishing Rod.

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12 Nov 2010

Maurice Broome - New Zealand Fishing

4lb brownie caught from a float tube about one metre from lake edge in about one foot of water..Lake Otamangakau (called the big O as the name is hard to pronounce), about 35 km south west of Lake Taupo, which is in the middle of the North Island, New Zealand. Most of this man-made lake is about 2-5 metres deep and is known for trophy brownies...but hard to catch!. Nearby accommodation about NZ$30 per night - like back packers.

5lb rainbow at the Mohaka River and this river can be found from the road Napier on the north east cost to Taupo (called Napier to Taupo Highway) around the middle of the North Island, New Zealand. (nearby accommodation in shearer's quarters about NZ$25 per night)....in summer able to drive down to river's edge.4WD track over farmland.

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Download Maurice's Brochure

In New Zealand we do not normally have to pay any access fee to fish water so as long as the farmer is happy we can fish most places for free except for the required license and gear costs.

If anyone is interested in further information I can be emailed at maurice.fishing@yahoo.co.nz ("fishing" is not my surname).
On an earlier trip this year float tubing to the big O, I came back with venison..but that is another story!! I am willing to assist anyone coming over at a negotiable rate, other than the one day trip.

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6 Nov 2010

Bennetts of Sheffield Update

Following on from our post earlier in the week, the clearance sales planned at the store have cancelled. For latest details, please see the Bennetts of Sheffield web site.

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Team England test the new Fladen Xtra Flexx Fishing Rod

Coming soon to Tacklebargains...

Neil Bryant and Ray Barron from Team England test the new Fladen Xtra Flexx Boat Rods. Constructed using extremely fine basalt fibres as used in the aerospace industry, giving exceptional durability, strength, enhanced fighting action, high torque and lifting power.

The most sensitive and powerful new rods that you could ever imagine!

Come on then Ray what do you think of these new Xtraflexx rods from Fladen. Just look at the bend and power in it.  What do you think?

I mean, you know, I’ve got to be really honest, these rods are brand new, they’re new technology, they’re strong, they’re powerful and we’d like to say unbreakable, but that is a very dangerous thing to say, so we think they are close to unbreakable.

And you know Ray and I are standing here on the foreshore. Ok we may be pulling a couple of anchors in but bye, I wish we did have a double shot of big fish. Just look at the power, you can see it running through the rod, very sensitive on the tip and Fladen have launched a range of these to cover you for Spinning, for Bass predator fishing, and we’ve got some new put over poles and match rods as well  -- So look out for the new extraflexx rods from Fladen Fishing. The rod of the future today – at today’s prices !!!

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3 Nov 2010

Bennets Of Sheffield Ceases Trading

We would like to give people a heads up that Bennets of Sheffield has unfortunately ceased trading.

The sad news was broken to us today, and as such we are helping to spread the word and make anglers aware of the situation. If you are waiting for an order from Bennetts you can contact the liquidators at the following address:

Wilson Field
The Annexe The Manor House
260 Ecclesall Road South
Sheffield S11 9PS
Tel: 0114 235 6780

In the meantime however, there appears to be sales at the store itself each of the next two Saturdays (6th November and 13th November), so if you are around about Sheffield then there must be massive bargains to be had!

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