6 Nov 2010

Team England test the new Fladen Xtra Flexx Fishing Rod

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Neil Bryant and Ray Barron from Team England test the new Fladen Xtra Flexx Boat Rods. Constructed using extremely fine basalt fibres as used in the aerospace industry, giving exceptional durability, strength, enhanced fighting action, high torque and lifting power.

The most sensitive and powerful new rods that you could ever imagine!

Come on then Ray what do you think of these new Xtraflexx rods from Fladen. Just look at the bend and power in it.  What do you think?

I mean, you know, I’ve got to be really honest, these rods are brand new, they’re new technology, they’re strong, they’re powerful and we’d like to say unbreakable, but that is a very dangerous thing to say, so we think they are close to unbreakable.

And you know Ray and I are standing here on the foreshore. Ok we may be pulling a couple of anchors in but bye, I wish we did have a double shot of big fish. Just look at the power, you can see it running through the rod, very sensitive on the tip and Fladen have launched a range of these to cover you for Spinning, for Bass predator fishing, and we’ve got some new put over poles and match rods as well  -- So look out for the new extraflexx rods from Fladen Fishing. The rod of the future today – at today’s prices !!!

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